Medicine Hat
COVID-19 Experiences

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Medicine Hat
COVID-19 Experiences

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The experience of COVID-19 is an intensely personal one. Each of us has stories to tell of what we have experienced and observed during the pandemic. COVID-19 has changed how we work, learn, and buy our groceries. This project collects stories of Medicine Hat’s COVID-19 pandemic experience, gathering artifacts of life and preserving them for the historical record.

Your contributions will help document and make sense of what it meant to live, work and study during the outbreak. Please share your stories, thoughts, and what you have seen and heard to record how Medicine Hat residents and businesses are living through the pandemic. Help us document and preserve this historical moment!

The design of this website pays tribute to to a specific COVID-19 experience. The illustrations were inspired by sidewalk chalk drawings that popped up around the city. These colourful artworks brought up community moral; sharing positive messages and creating an activity for children at home.  

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Who Can Contribute?

Residents of Medicine Hat.

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What Can You Contribute?

We invite digital donations that relate to the local impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic and reflect your personal, professional, or academic experiences. Contributions may take the form of:

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photographs, images, social media posts

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journals, stories, blogs, essays, poems 

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songs or audio recordings

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art work, posters, signs

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Some ideas to consider for sharing your story:

  • Capture your experiences of home-working, home-learning, or home-schooling.
  • Document your daily life during the pandemic through words or photos. How have you passed the time? What have you observed in your neighbourhood? How has your family been affected by the virus?
  • Share stories of loved ones
  • Struggles and creative approaches to maintaining social relationships
  • Good deeds and minor acts of heroism
  • Record personal responses to news reports or major events.
  • Share reflections of your transition from in-person to on-line learning or teaching.
  • Reflect on your concerns or hopes relating to the pandemic.

Submissions may be preserved within this collection and will be made publicly accessible online. View our Terms & Conditions. 

Medicine Hat College takes your right to privacy and the rights of others seriously. If you believe that the collection contains works that infringe on your copyright, your privacy or other rights, please contact