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Grads 2020

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Kayla Chouinard


During this time I have been able to see lots of exciting life changing things be taken from people. Watching my fellow class mates having to postpone grad things, or not being able to celebrate to the full extent they deserve would be hard. During this summer I have had to great opportunity to take graduation photos for the high school graduating class of 2020. All of them were extremely apperceive for the photos, but the reality is they did not get the high school graduating experience I had in 2017. It is sad because those are the full engraved memories I still have to this day when I think about ‘High School’. It crazy to think that they do not get to have the experience of ‘Grad Week’ or walking down the aisle to accept their diploma. I feel for these individuals. Something that was suppose to be celebrated was not. Every single grad I had shot was so extremely grateful during this time and it truly made me so happy. Wish we could have done more for the Graduating classes of 2020! I feel for you guys and wish this was was not the circumstance, you deserve better!


Kayla Chouinard

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July 24, 2020


Medicine Hat, AB

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