Blessings In Disguise

Photo of light coming through a window with plants on the sill
Blessings in Disguise

In many ways, through my own experience, COVID has turned out to be a huge blessing in disguise. The initial stages left me in an unsettling state of uncertainty where all initial plans got torn right out from under me. Six months ago I believed i was going to be fulfilling my art and design work term working in Whistler B.C as a photographer for an eco tour company. I had my deposit down on a house rental, my things were packed as spring started to approach, my notice was given at work& I was fully committed and ready to begin a new journey. It didn’t take very long before everything I had planned and intended for came to a quick halt. Initially I was very upset that all my time, energy& plans were taken from me& I faced a lot of challenges having to adapt to the curve balls that life threw all of our ways. But what started off as a huge disappointment led me to where I am now—living in Nelson B.C, fulfilling my work term hours through commissioned art works…still experiencing a new adventure Just in an entirely different way. It’s interesting how often times when we ask or intend for something they show up in other unexpected ways… I guess this whole experience has proven to me that faith and good intention can go a long ways. I see this demonstrated in communities all over where all sorts of local businesses, teachers, essential workers, students, and people come together to build and support one another during difficult times. As challenging as all has been, I do feel very grateful for where I have arrived in my life and to see all of the perseverance & support that has been offered and created in so many beautiful ways.

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Shyanne Summers


photo and reflection


Shyanne Summers

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July 4th, 2020


Nelson, BC (remote student of Medicine Hat College)

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