Braden Kowalchuks’s COVID-19 Extravaganza

Was an ordinary Friday, myself and Tyrell (my closest friend) were set to go to crave for our usual beer Friday at the college bar “Crave”. Then all of a sudden, boom classes get cancelled for the day and then they never continued again at the college. They were shifted to online instruction, which for me made things much more difficult as I have a hard time focusing on work/school while at home. As this was a pandemic I along with everyone else was forced to adapt. Then the next shocker hit, before classes were technically finished the staff at residence wanted all the residents to leave ASAP. For me moving home was six hours away, and I needed assistance, so I requested that they give me more time, which they did. I then completed the semester at home (with garbage rural internet) and had a short grace period before the work term kicked off. Now for the work term, prior to COVID-19 I had a job in Edmonton with a business called “Art Attack” which did mainly 3D artwork. This position was cancelled due to the pandemic and I was now jobless, luckily our work term coordinators came up with solutions and told us not to stress looking for a new job during the pandemic. Unfortunately, there was a miscommunication about where I was living during the pandemic and I had no job for the first month of work term. This was mainly due to “Tweak Designs & Signs” in Saskatoon, not being approved for a work term grant. This was alleviated with being able to do some online work from home for Safety City, a company in Medicine Hat. After I started on this Project, Tweak finally was approved for their grant and I moved to Saskatoon to complete my work term.

All in all Covid-19 created a need for adaptability and flexibility, and required us all to be more patient with each other. Open mindedness was the over aching theme of the pandemic, and has taught us all that “things could always be worse” during stressful times at school.

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Braden Kowalchuk


Just the story of my experience with the pandemic.


Braden Kowalchuk

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July 22, 2020


my room, Saskatoon, SK (remote student at the Medicine Hat College)

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