Directionally Challenged

a collage of different arrows and floor decals from COVID-19

I started taking photographs of floor decals showing direction of traffic and social distancing protocols different businesses in Medicine Hat implemented due to COVID-19. As a designer, I am naturally interested in the different solutions that appeared, from simple arrows created from tape to clever phrases and design.

As time went on, I started to think of these arrows as analogous to my experience during COVID. Normally, I am quite directionally challenged; I struggle getting around the place I have lived my whole life. During the pandemic, that extended beyond whether to turn left or right at an intersection. The acts of walking down the grocery store aisle the wrong way and not having motivation to work on projects felt one in the same, after my original plans and aspiration got turned upside down due to COVID-19.

After a few dismal months living in a world that felt so foreign and bleak, I am finding my way again, even if it sometimes means being okay with walking in the wrong direction. I am learning that detours and alternate routes can lead to unexpected treasures, and that being directionally challenged is okay, as long as I remains determined to keep moving forward.

Submitted by

Sierra Zukowski