Photographic submissions.

Capturing the Moment

girl kneeling with fist in the air with a rally of people in front of her

Like everyone else, this year wasn’t a good year for me. I feel my mental health degrading, and it’s terrifying me since the pandemic started.

It was difficult to ignore some of the disappointment of being away from family and not having fun with friends as usual during this hard time. Because this year will be remembered forever, I thought maybe it a good idea to go out and capture people’s memories during the epidemic. This picture was one of many photos I shot at the Black Lives Matter rally in Medicine Hat. This one is my favourite photo because it shows how people support each other even in this challenging time.

Submitted by

Mohammed Adan

Directionally Challenged

a collage of different arrows and floor decals from COVID-19

I started taking photographs of floor decals showing direction of traffic and social distancing protocols different businesses in Medicine Hat implemented due to COVID-19. As a designer, I am naturally interested in the different solutions that appeared, from simple arrows created from tape to clever phrases and design.

As time went on, I started to think of these arrows as analogous to my experience during COVID. Normally, I am quite directionally challenged; I struggle getting around the place I have lived my whole life. During the pandemic, that extended beyond whether to turn left or right at an intersection. The acts of walking down the grocery store aisle the wrong way and not having motivation to work on projects felt one in the same, after my original plans and aspiration got turned upside down due to COVID-19.

After a few dismal months living in a world that felt so foreign and bleak, I am finding my way again, even if it sometimes means being okay with walking in the wrong direction. I am learning that detours and alternate routes can lead to unexpected treasures, and that being directionally challenged is okay, as long as I remains determined to keep moving forward.

Submitted by

Sierra Zukowski

Blessings In Disguise

Photo of light coming through a window with plants on the sill

In many ways, through my own experience, COVID has turned out to be a huge blessing in disguise. The initial stages left me in an unsettling state of uncertainty where all initial plans got torn right out from under me. Six months ago I believed i was going to be fulfilling my art and design work term working in Whistler B.C as a photographer for an eco tour company. I had my deposit down on a house rental, my things were packed as spring started to approach, my notice was given at work& I was fully committed and ready to begin a new journey. It didn’t take very long before everything I had planned and intended for came to a quick halt. Initially I was very upset that all my time, energy& plans were taken from me& I faced a lot of challenges having to adapt to the curve balls that life threw all of our ways. But what started off as a huge disappointment led me to where I am now—living in Nelson B.C, fulfilling my work term hours through commissioned art works…still experiencing a new adventure Just in an entirely different way. It’s interesting how often times when we ask or intend for something they show up in other unexpected ways… I guess this whole experience has proven to me that faith and good intention can go a long ways. I see this demonstrated in communities all over where all sorts of local businesses, teachers, essential workers, students, and people come together to build and support one another during difficult times. As challenging as all has been, I do feel very grateful for where I have arrived in my life and to see all of the perseverance & support that has been offered and created in so many beautiful ways.

Submitted by

Shyanne Summers

Mental Health and Masks

edited photo of girl wearing a mask

By the time March rolled around the schools closed and we were basically evicted from our studios. Sent home into isolation because of this brand new horror called COVID-19. I was angry, and scared. In the same week I lost my job, and so did my partner. How was I going to pay bills, make rent, or feed my dog? I spent the first two weeks of this time barely showering or eating, sleeping at whatever time of night or day, and obsessively watching the news. I watched social media influencers “bettering themselves”, telling us this was a “unique opportunity”, and “when else will you ever have so much free time??” Perhaps for some people, having no schedule, no job, and nowhere to go is an opportunity, but for people with mental health issues, it’s disastrous. I know I’m not alone in this; many people, especially in my generation, are suffering from depression, anxiety, and other issues, but having people to interact with and a schedule to force us into action was helping some with managing those issues. I had to come to a point of acceptance and compassion for myself. Thankfully, I am back to work, and obviously my mental state is better. I hope as everyone goes back to “normal”, that they remember to keep safe, wash their hands, and wear a mask. We are all in this together.

Submitted by

Emma Darbyshire

Finding My Way

girl in grad cap with her horse

Submitted by

Jessalin Lawrence


During the final semester of this school year, I was struggling with my mental health. I had started to get a hold of it and myself until COVID 19 hit. At first, I was doing alright, spending more time with my horses, family, and boyfriend. However, that all changed rather fast. I could feel myself becoming harder on myself, sad more often than not, and I never felt worthy or good enough. I was struggling to wake up most days, it felt impossible to get motivated to do any work for my work term and I knew I was spiraling. I felt so alone and like I was doomed to feel this way forever. I stopped painting, which is the thing I love to do the most. It was not until I hit rock bottom that I knew I had to do something to turn my life around. I started working out, training my horse for barrel racing, and basically just do things that took my mind off things and let me clear my head. I will be honest, my relationship with designing and art is still not the greatest. But I am pushing myself to still do my best work for my clients. Once I am done my work term I want to focus on creating some art that I want to create, How I want to create it, and to just find myself and fall in love with art again. This summer has not been easy and I still struggle most days. But I am doing the best I can to make it to the finish line of my work term. Just take one day at a time and you will make it.


Photo of BLM Peaceful Protest

Submitted by

Shinesta Bergeron


During this time I have had so many firsts such as doing freelance work, wearing a mask daily, and attending a peaceful protest. The Black Lives Matter movement currently has brought up so many issues that continue to keep happening. I have been becoming more self-aware of my own privilege and how important it is to fight for justice and equality. During this time many things have come crumbling to the ground but we cannot just rebuild with the same mindset, because things need to change.

A Different Kind of Work

Sculpture being done in a makeshift garage studio

Submitted by

Paige Cooper


As an Art & Design student, our work terms that would regularly be at a place of business got shifted. Instead of having a studio to sculpt in, I was limited to my garage at home and used an old homemade ping pong table as my work area. A lot of these tough times have been about making the best of a bad situation.

Home Sweet Home

child painting on a window

Submitted by

Sierra Levac


On March 15 I and many other students were at MHC for the last time as a student this year, and for many our last time there as a student for good. While the initial shock and shut down of the college, and many of my plans for after graduation, was overwhelming and emotional, it did not take long for me to find a shining light in the sadness. With a hectic class schedule, and vigorous amounts of homework my time at home was always short, meaning my son and I did not get the time together I would have liked. Since having to work and do school from home I have gotten the chance to spend all my time with him. While it comes with its own challenges, Covid presented me with a chance have to greatest experience of my life, to be home everyday with my son, to watch him grow and learn in these fundamental years before he heads off to school. When you’re all caught up in your day to day lives you don’t realize how much you are actually missing. I am glad we got a chance to slow dow, reevaluate our lives, and focus on what’s most important.

Packing Up

packing up studio space at the cultural centre

Submitted by

Sierra Zukowski


On March 15, me and my fellow classmates headed to our studio spaces after being told to pack up and take our things to work from home. We were supposed to be in crunch time with our grad show only two weeks away, we were going to be spending all our time at our studio space with each other. We were robbed by the unforeseen circumstance of COVID-19. I took this photo while I was packing up. It was emotional going though everything I had accumulated and crated throughout my last year of the Visual Communications Program. Not having proper closure makes this is a bittersweet time to look back on.