Finding the Good in a Bad Situation

Things did not go to plan as I’m sure most of us had to deal with many challenges in life that we are not used to. Before covid, I was prepared to move to do my work term in Saskatoon for “Tweak Designs & Signs”. But when all of this suddenly hit, I had no idea what my summer was going to look like as I prepared to stay home. I had always viewed myself as a self-motivated and independent person, but, as months dragged on and the end of COVID became lost in sight, I saw myself beginning to lose my fire and willpower that I started the year with and spent so long trying to build up. Trying to juggle a part-time job, work term and life, in general, has made me fear and anticipate burnout. But, when I got lined up to work with the Medicine Hat Local Immigration Partnership, I began to see my motivation rise. Luckily, I have been put in a position this work term with a wonderful client that has been a pleasure to work with. Although working from home has not been the easiest, I have been pushing through to try and make the best out of this unideal situation.

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Lauren Friesen


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Lauren Friesen

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July 27, 2020


Medicine Hat, AB

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