Home Sweet Home

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home sweet home

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Sierra Levac


On March 15 I and many other students were at MHC for the last time as a student this year, and for many our last time there as a student for good. While the initial shock and shut down of the college, and many of my plans for after graduation, was overwhelming and emotional, it did not take long for me to find a shining light in the sadness. With a hectic class schedule, and vigorous amounts of homework my time at home was always short, meaning my son and I did not get the time together I would have liked. Since having to work and do school from home I have gotten the chance to spend all my time with him. While it comes with its own challenges, Covid presented me with a chance have to greatest experience of my life, to be home everyday with my son, to watch him grow and learn in these fundamental years before he heads off to school. When you’re all caught up in your day to day lives you don’t realize how much you are actually missing. I am glad we got a chance to slow dow, reevaluate our lives, and focus on what’s most important.


Sierra Levac

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May 22, 2020


Redcliff, AB

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