Making Changes

This time in isolation has proved to be very difficult on myself and my family. I’m no stranger to struggles with mental health, but all the time alone and the major life changes made it even harder for a while. I struggled a lot with motivation and keeping focus on what needed to be done. I was second guessing myself and my work and never really felt what I was doing was good enough. I used to rely on the support of my peers to get through these negative thoughts and not being able to really had an effect on me.

I did find that I had a lot of time for self reflection. I picked up hobbies that I hadn’t practiced in awhile and I thought a lot about my future, which are both things I used to put off. I discovered more about what makes me happy and what doesn’t. And I feel motivated now more than ever to make changes in my life that I’d been too afraid to make.

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Brooklyn Schnor


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Brooklyn Schnor

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July 27, 2020


Medicine Hat, AB

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