Mental Health and Masks

edited photo of girl wearing a mask
Mental Health and Masks

By the time March rolled around the schools closed and we were basically evicted from our studios. Sent home into isolation because of this brand new horror called COVID-19. I was angry, and scared. In the same week I lost my job, and so did my partner. How was I going to pay bills, make rent, or feed my dog? I spent the first two weeks of this time barely showering or eating, sleeping at whatever time of night or day, and obsessively watching the news. I watched social media influencers “bettering themselves”, telling us this was a “unique opportunity”, and “when else will you ever have so much free time??” Perhaps for some people, having no schedule, no job, and nowhere to go is an opportunity, but for people with mental health issues, it’s disastrous. I know I’m not alone in this; many people, especially in my generation, are suffering from depression, anxiety, and other issues, but having people to interact with and a schedule to force us into action was helping some with managing those issues. I had to come to a point of acceptance and compassion for myself. Thankfully, I am back to work, and obviously my mental state is better. I hope as everyone goes back to “normal”, that they remember to keep safe, wash their hands, and wear a mask. We are all in this together.

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Emma Darbyshire


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Emma Darbyshire

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July 24, 2020


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