New Beginnings

This year has to be the most challenging year I have ever experienced. Not only have all the events been canceled, but it has been harder to see friends and family. Work term this year was very rough for me, and going back to school next year is going to be interesting. We will not have the ability to see our friends in the classroom nor be able to feed off of a creative environment. Instead, we will be stuck in our homes, trying to figure things out ourselves mainly.

Not all is bad, though, as I have learned a lot about myself and what I want to achieve in life during this pandemic. Work term took a weird turn, and it has felt uninspiring for me. To get inspired again, I had to go out and just make things happen. Within a week, I applied for my business license and got all of the hosting, emails, and website wireframing done and sorted. I learned that to do the jobs I want to do, the stuff that will bring me joy, I have to go out and get it. If it weren’t for this pandemic, I wouldn’t have been able to confirm this feeling. I would be working in another city for someone else, and quite honestly, I would have disliked it. Yes, everything got canceled, and it sucks, but thanks to the pandemic, I was able to focus on what my goals were and start pushing myself in the right direction to achieve those goals. If it weren’t for this pandemic, I would not have pushed myself in this direction. It allowed me to slow down for once, and for that, I am thankful.

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Tyrel Anderson


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Tyrel Anderson

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July 30, 2020


Medicine Hat, AB

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