No jobs, just macaroni and some laughs

Spring/Summer Diary – uncertainty 2020

Submitted by

Dani Evstratenko


This is a simple video I made while filming myself during the first weeks of COVID — when school was canceled, the uncertainty about life and jobs, how are we going to finish our last work-term if we don’t have work? Where do I get money from? As an international student who came here alone, it was a difficult time to cope with life as you can really feel the difference between people who have support and shelter when things are bad, to those who don’t have that privilege; who don’t have support from the government, from family, or from their home country government. You can definitely feel hopeless.

This video is just a reminder to myself and others that by doing simple things and keeping busy cooking or going on a walk, even when times are rough is so important for your mental health.


Dani Evstratenko

Creation Date

July 24, 2020


Medicine Hat, AB


Dani Evstratenko, Zack Kunkel

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