Overcoming Social Obstacles

Covid-19 has affected social interaction like never before, however, technology has allowed us to find innovative ways to virtually hang out with others that from my perspective, it has actually increased social interaction among various people around the world.

Before covid a lot more people were uncomfortable with video calls but it seems like covid has forced us all into using that form of communication more regularly. With screen sharing you can almost do anything in a video call that can be done in a person to person meeting. Video calls are innovative because location is no longer a barrier to connection. Despite having video calling around for a long time, it’s never been used as a main form of communication like it is being used now due to Covid.

People are connecting over social media in ways that were never as common up until covid. More and more people are using online servers to play virtual games of cards against humanity, meet up and dance together, watch movies together, do art together, the list goes on. Gaming has always been a way for people to hang out with each other without really being together but the influx of people doing it has increased so much and it has expanded past the gaming world and become wildly popular since covid.

Outside of virtual interactions, I have seen people meeting in parks, lots, driveways and yards all while maintaining social distancing. I have a feeling that it is going to stick around after covid, it’s a good reason to get outside and enjoy some different scenery. Covid-19 has caused lots of struggles to our social lives but it’s been very interesting to see how people are adapting and overcoming the barriers to connection.

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Aurelia Archibald


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Aurelia Archibald

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July 30, 2020


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