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Over the past four to five months I was able to see my mental health deteriorate. This being something that I hadn’t experienced before, I found myself having a loss of motivation, overwhelming emotions and not having the peace of mind to think straight. This was something new to myself, as I’ve always been able to brush problems to the side and keep on going.

I’m a very social person. I thrive on friendship and interacting with those who I love. With that being almost taken away from society, until social distancing became an option, I had found myself quite lost in the world around me. With Covid-19 introducing many more alters in society, I found myself not adapting very quickly. Additionally, I found myself having trouble getting to bed, losing motivation with work, and not being the happy person usually am.

I realized that things weren’t going to get better until I addressed these problems and worked on them. This wasn’t easy for myself to do, but I am very happy I did. Covid-19 has allowed me to learn how care for myself and my mental state. I take note of how I’m feeling, and how I can improve. I’ve started to exercise lots, which allows me to keep a clear mind. I’ve also been able to see what’s important within my friendships and relationships. I’ve learned more about the people who are important in my life, and have been able to see what is essential in my life.

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Donovan Sim


journal reflection


Donovan Sim

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July 20, 2020


Regina, SK (remote student at the Medicine Hat College)

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