School, Work, and Fear

COVID-19 has definitely been a pretty big impact on my life. For starters, my grad art show was cancelled, which we as a class had all been working on for months at least. Then it was time for our work term, which is supposed to be a real job in the field of art and design where we get graded on our performance as well as on several smaller assignments throughout the spring semester. Obviously that wasn’t happening anymore. People with jobs lined up lost them, including myself, and others couldn’t find anything, so we had to do it all remotely and as volunteer work for clients that otherwise wouldn’t be able to hire us. Let me tell you, self-motivating every day for a job you don’t even get paid for, with no one looking over your back, it’s hard. I’ve had to learn a lot about how I work and think.

But on a more personal level than that, I’m scared. I read a lot of stories from people who have had or still do have COVID-19, their experiences with the sickness. It’s scary stuff. And my whole family is high-risk, especially my mother. I don’t know what I would do if anything happened to her. And the long-term effects of this illness are so terrible too. It’s completely and utterly life-changing, if not life-ending. I think anyone who isn’t at least a little scared doesn’t fully understand what this is. And it pisses me off when I hear things about people refusing to wear masks, or socializing outside their family circle. My family is taking so many precautions, if one of us gets it, it won’t be our fault. That is what makes me the most scared, having to rely on these other people who aren’t taking it seriously. Please take this seriously.

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Rachel Condon


A journal-like reflection on the past few months.


Rachel Condon

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July 19th, 2020


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