Summer of No Fun

This summer had brought me many challenges. Finishing up my last year of school at the college, AND being a parent proved very difficult for me. I had to finish my work term, and also home school my kids from March till June. I have a whole new appreciation for my son’s teachers. I have 6-year-old twin boys in grade 1, going into grade 2, and it was… literal hell. Given that many of us were not able to work, myself included, I found trying to make time for everything almost impossible, working with a modified type of work term that has been a nightmare, and I saw my mental health deteriorate faster and faster. I had no motivation to do any work, or to do anything really. Getting out of bed some days felt like a challenge. Now that the summer is almost over I am feeling a lot of guilt and a time crunch to finish up my work term and all of my work, but my doubts are still present. I would give anything for the world to go back to normal, for myself and for my boys and not to have the constant fear for my family and of getting sick. Though this too shall pass, I wish it would pass sooner.

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Sarah Furseth


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Sarah Furseth

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July 24, 2020


Medicine Hat, AB

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